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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Semi 2: 09 Israel

They made it look so easy for so many years: a happy song delivered with a wide smile and a simplistic dance routine and the votes would fly in from every corner of the continent. Israel used to be a real force of nature at Eurovision.

And now it feels so long ago. Ten years ago Shiri Maimon came very close to winning but since then things have gone downhill and Israel has flunked in the semi final on four consecutive occasions. If there's any justice in the world, they will flunk again in Vienna.

It looked so promising at first with the enthusiastic youngster who won the national talent search by a landslide. He seemed like a likeable chap with a good voice and a youthful charm that could break through to the audiences.

Then he was set up with "Golden Boy" and I don't know where to start. Oriental-flavoured pop is never a bad thing but it has to be done well. This song twists and turns and changes direction throughout three endless minutes, and is completed by a lyric that doesn't feel credible at all coming out of the mouth of this particular singer.

I'm really wishing for Israel to get back into shape and show the world how things should be done but this is one of their weakest attempts since Lior Narkis in 2003 (a.k.a worst Israeli entry ever). However, they are lucky this time around to provide some tempo and cheerfulness among all the ballads.

Borderline. The ESC fans online seem to like it, but will it be anyone's favourite? Who will vote for it? I doubt the juries will.

My grade: 1/5

Nadav Guedj - Golden Boy (Israel 2015)

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