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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Semi 2: 10 Latvia

Abba's victory shaped Eurovision in many ways for so many years. Their two girls/two boys-formula was easy and attractive to copy, and their song-writing style has inspired an abundance of songs through the years ever since.

Possibly Loreen won't be a lasting influence the way Abba was, but she surely left her mark too. Not least because people tend to call any slightly airy dance track a Euphoria-clone either it is called for or not. But the song that comes closes to the artistry of Loreen this year must be this experimental vocal pop from Latvia.

Aminata takes the stage like a queen - warm and icy at the same time - and turns out to have a voice totally of her own. "Love Injected" starts out like a very minimalist number to erupt in a big chorus with very present backing singers providing a most unusual vocal support.

I'm always easily impressed by people taking chances in this contest and logically I melt like butter for the Latvian attempt. I wouldn't mind a slightly more accessible chorus, but that's a detail.

Yes. I want to believe it pays off to be bold and original. And Latvia would surely deserve some retribution after six failures in a row.

My grade: 3/5

Aminata - Love Injected (Latvia 2015)

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  1. I think the use of colour will be the most important thing to think about for it's staging. Dat funky beat, yo.