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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Semi 1: 09 Serbia

After sitting out for a year, Serbia decided to come back to the ESC with a bang - and what better way to achieve that than to ask their only winner to write the song for them?

Some would argue that it had been even better had they asked Željko Joksimović instead, but maybe even RTS found that idea a bit too obvious. (Anyway, some other people would get around to to have his song so all is well.)

Vladimir Graić wrote three songs for three performers and Serbia decided to appoint the rather fabulous Bojana Stamenov to be their ambassadress in Vienna. In an unprecedented move, they also decided to have their song performed in English.

Maybe some of the magic got lost in translation since the song - despite having more tempo than many others in the line-up - seemingly leaves no deeper impression. It is pleasant and enjoyable for as long as it goes on but then seems to vaporise from my memory.

I find it surprising that the preview clip seems terribly determined to hide Bojana from view as she is the biggest asset this entry has. Maybe she can fill it up with the personality that the actual song seems to lack?

Borderline, but possibly Bojana could make all the difference and get loved by the entire continent.

Grade: 2/5

Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies (Serbia 2015)


  1. It is frightening as I am listening for the first time the songs in the first semi final, that there does not seem to be a single song that I would go and say "This is great" or even "I like this very much". After first listening there isn't a single song that has stuck in my mind in a positive way, or any way at all. Have all the mediocre and bad songs been gathered in the first semi or are we going to have the dullest Eurovision Song Contest in a long long time?

  2. It's different tempo will be it's saviour, methinks...