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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Semi 2: 02 Ireland

I was around to see the Emerald Isle almost win this contest to death in the 1990's and have admittedly been a bit reluctant to liking their entries ever since. Childish, perhaps, but my initial gut reaction to Irish ballads have for many years always been highly negative.

I didn't think much of this year's entry either until I heard the studio version and saw the video clip and was totally blown away.

There is something deeply sincere and sensual about this song, how it is juvenile and mature at the same time, and something in Molly herself and her way of performing makes me think of a very young Kate Bush at her piano.

In short, I haven't loved an Irish Eurovision ballad this much since Niamh Kavanagh won in Millstreet twenty-two years ago. And it breaks my heart that I have absolutely no faith in it doing well.

In this endless stream of slow tempo songs - many of which admittedly pretty bland - the chances of Ireland standing out in many people's minds by the end of this semi are low indeed. Placing this warm and personable little song at the second spot stands out as the injustice of the year, at least in my mind.

Borderline. Hopefully the jurors will appreciate all the qualities on offer here, but what are the chances? I sure hope Molly will be the hit she deserves to be, regardless of the final outcome.

Grade: 4/5

Molly Sterling - Playing With Numbers (Ireland 2015)


  1. As long as the performance isn't a car crash i think it should qualify unless it gets completely tanked by the public, in my eyes you got about 10 songs fighting for 7 spots so there well in the running.

  2. She won't be playing with the numbers nor be your muse, but she sure delivers a relateable song. I can only hope that it's not a train-wreck on stage.

  3. I agree with you that I personally love this entry (for me it's the best Irish ballad since Mysterious Woman), but I don't give it much chance to even make it to the final. I love the subtlety of this entry both in the lyrics (opposed to the straightforwardness of for example Norway) and the way in which Molly exposes her musical talent. Sadly it takes more than one listen to realize that.