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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Semi 1: 08 FYR Macedonia

Watching national finals can be most entertaining but you don't necessarily know an entry after seeing it win on home ground. All I could remember after seeing this one win the Skopje festival was Daniel Kajmakoski's yellow shoes.

They were nice shoes. Cool. I wouldn't mind having a pair like that. But I couldn't remember the song to save my life.

Some time later, I found the original studio version of it and melted like butter in direct sunlight. It opened up like a spring flower and I really enjoyed it, thinking this one will do well in the end.

Then came the big makeover with a change of language and a major arrangement facelift. The new package was completed by a cute cartoon video clip and it seems someone has invested quite a lot of time (and possibly quite a lot of money) in this project.

The new version is more professional and is more cleverly produced. It sounds slick and polished and radio friendly but it all came at a cost. Unfortunately most of the personality of the original studio version vaporised and the risk is that most people will enjoy this one for as long as it goes on and then forget about it.

I especially miss the switch to uptempo after the chorus, which was a welcome climax that I find myself missing and longing for now.

No. This one would have needed more of an edge in order to convince voters. Also, FYR Macedonia has been notoriously bad at staging their entries lately and let perfectly good entries turn into a right mess on stage. A habit like that does not bode well for this one.

Grade: 2/5

Daniel Kajmakoski - Autumn Leaves (FYR Macedonia 2015)

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  1. this song is really great, i gonna vote for this for sure