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Friday, April 10, 2015

Semi 1: 10 Hungary

Let's join hands and unite in a simple and uncomplicated song and maybe we can have peace on earth if you all sing along. Nicole did it, Petra Frey did it, Dina Garipova did it. Many people did it. But I'm no great fan of meek peace ditties. Singing alone will make no bigger difference, I'm afraid.

The first plea for peace of the year comes from Hungary - a country I kept my eyes quite closely on lately, as it seems they are pretty determined to do well and actively trying to win the contest. I love a bit of ambition and an ESC held in Budapest would be among the loveliest things I could think of.

After some really contemporary pop songs in a row, Hungary opted for a mild protest song about the pointlessness of war and I couldn't help but feel really disappointed with this choice. Perhaps the national final was slightly weaker this year compared to the last few editions - but still?

But then Boggie isn't just any performer. She gained international recognition for her fantastic "Nouveau Parfum" and she has a way of imposing herself in an almost hypnotising way. Her chant is more than the average peace song and stays with the listener regardless if you liked it or not.

Yes, thanks to the performance and presence of Boggie. Very confident and confidence is always attractive. Even when the song isn't all that.

Grade: 2/5

Boggie - Wars For Nothing (Hungary 2015)

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