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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Semi 1: 02 Armenia

One of Armenia's major tasks in the world is to advocate international recognition of the Armenian genocide taking place under the end of the Ottoman Empire, marking the creation of the modern Armenian diaspora. Since 2015 marks 100 years since the events took place, it isn't a huge surprise that Armenia decided to highlight this in their Eurovision entry.

Armenian television has insisted that their entry is in no way political, but it is very easy to connect the dots here: the group highlighting that Armenians now live on all continents, the video clip showing families thinning out and - most of all - the original song title "Don't Deny", still being the key phrase of the chorus.

Honestly, I don't care if this one could be considered political or not. In my ears it contains no message that could be seen as offensive or not acceptable.

The problem is rather that the team got so caught up in their own message that they forgot to write a decent song to present it with. The final result is busy and confusing - with a surprising lack of melody - and the great danger that all members of the group will end up doing their best to out-perform the others. Chances are this could end up as shouty as when Saraleh Sharon and her group reached hurricane levels in Millstreet back in 1993.

No. The competition for the ballad points on offer is severe and I can't see people warming to this one or even remember it by the end of the song presentation.

Grade: 1/5

Genealogy - Face The Shadows (Armenia 2015)


  1. To me this song sounded promising at first. The verse was building the song nicely to the chorus, where it unfortunately all falls down. With a less complicated and more memorable refrain this song could really be something. But as it is, as you said, it only confuses the listeners who will quickly forget it. Pity. It could really have been something.

  2. I agree that this is a mess of a song, but I do think it'll qualify. Armenia have a lot of friends in this semi final. A shame as they'll probably block something much more deserving, and musically it's a waste of a finals slot. (I have no issue whatsoever with the message).

  3. Dondé estas la mélodie?! hahah

    Hot mess, yo!