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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belgium 1979: what if Micha Marah had it her way?

A number of countries have a tendency of getting it wrong at their national finals and end up sending weaker acts off to Eurovision, leaving stronger songs behind. Finland, Slovenia, Latvia and many others do this on a regular basis.

However, few national heats create the kind of chaos that has ensured after a number of Flemish finals.

Like in 1979, when Micha Marah sang all the songs in competition and was sent to Jerusalem with a song she truly hated (ending in shared last place with Austria once all points were cast).

Micha Marah - Hey Nanah! (Belgium 1979)

The song Micha had been backing all the way was a not too different number called "Comment ça va", and I can't help wondering how this song would have fared in the voting.

It is a bit of a loud monster of a song, maybe not quite as catchy and easily accessible as Micha herself seems to think. But just look at the conviction she puts into the performance. She transforms from a somewhat coldish chanteuse into a wild-eyed powerhouse.

Look at those eyes! Look at those hand movements! Look at her complete attack and dedication! And this is just the national final. Imagine how much energy she could have worked up on stage in Jerusalem.

All you people out there who have seen film noir classic "Sunset Boulevard" - don't you also almost expect Micha Marah to end this performance by saying "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up"?

Micha Marah - Comment ça va (Belgium 1979 national final)


  1. I must add that it is such a dumb thing to do - hire a perfomer like Micha Marah and then not use her to capacity.

    I sure hope she is seen as the legend she deserves to be.

  2. The song and performance spells drama from the beginning to the end and would have been a great contrast, performed between two big French ballads in Jerusalem. But as you say, we can only speculate what the outcome would have been. Such a shame and waste!

  3. A very good question indeed! I have asked myself the same thing a few times. So why not find out? I took the opportunity a few weeks ago to introduce "Comment ça va?" to a crowd of non-Eurovision people, and I think finally, Micha had a bit of restoration... (Allthough personally I preferred the Italian entry)

    Feel free to check out the thrilling results at www.interdisco.st (the 1979 edition).

    And, as always, thank you for a most wonderful blog Tobson!

  4. Oh, and I have a question: does anybody know who wrote "Comment ça va"? Strangely enough I havent been able to find the author/composer info but I wouldn't be surprised if someone (the owner of this blog for instance) would know...

    PS: sorry if the link i posted above was not working today. it usually does. if not, you can also try http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb569009/

  5. So much for being a song contest... In many national finals, the songwriters are never disclosed. I have no idea who wrote this song, but maybe someone else could enlighten us?

  6. thank's your information,,