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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Annica could have been Kylie

The youngest participant in the 1988 Swedish national final was Annica Burman, only 15 years of age when she entered the circular stage of Malmö Stadsteater in the end of February.

She made the super final and ended in 6th place with the song "I en ding ding värld" (almost identical to the Swedish title of the 1963 hit comedy "It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world).

Annica Burman - I en ding, ding värld (Sweden NF 1988)

The song was written by Bruno Glenmark, whose record label took on Annica with the purpose of making her a Swedish equivalent of Kylie Minogue. Unfortunately, the label folded, taking its acts (beside Annica also quirky pop band Carmen Kane and poodle rockers Talk Of The Town) with them into obscurity.

A shame, given the material they had to work with. Annica's follow-up single (complete with a most entertaining video clip) could have been a smash hit given the right promotion. (Or any promotion, actually.)

Now it was just another good pop single to pass unnoticed. Annica moved on to the States, where she worked as a secretary (according to an old newspaper article) and also as a singer (according to Swedish Wikipedia).

Annica Burman - I Can't Deny A Broken Heart

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