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Monday, October 3, 2011

Switzerland: a familiar face among the entrants

Switzerland is busy assembling eurovision hopefuls of all shapes and kinds at the moment. Anyone can upload a suitable entry on the website of Schweizer Fernsehen and hope to become one of the shortlisted lucky ones for the national final.

Expectations are higher than an many years, after Anna Rossinelli managed to bring the Alpine country into the ESC final in Düsseldorf after four years out in the cold.

Among the hopefuls, there is at least one familiar face for Finnish fans (with good memory).

Flavio Cristilli, who is entering the song "Ancora uno sbaglio" for the 2012 Swiss selection, took part in the 2007 Finnish selection as a backing singer for Laura Voutilainen in one of her two semi final entries.

Despite clearly being the better out of the two on offer, the Finns turned all incomprehensible on us and turned down "Kosketa mua" in favour of a cheap, dated re-write of Laura's 2002 entry.

In the end, "Kosketa mua" had more airplay anyway and was the title track of Laura's album. And rightly so.

Laura Voutilainen (feat Flavio Cristilli) - Kosketa mua (Finland 2007 national final)

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