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Friday, October 28, 2011

Runner-up: United Kingdom 1992

In the early 90's, BBC really tried turning things around, getting their national Song for Europe-final back on track after being reduced to something of a talent show for some years.

Getting Michael Ball, a hot star from the world of musicals, to do the job was a real scoop. Having a powerful and convincing performer does a lot for a song in the ESC. Michael Ball would get to show just how true this is.

Out of the eight songs he performed, the British audience decided that "One Step Out Of Time", a truly square, old-fashioned and predictable up-tempo belter, was the suitable number to send off to Malmö. Michael Ball put on a brave face, but it was easy to tell he was not all smiles about the outcome.

Michael Ball - One Step Out Of Time (United Kingdom 1992 preview)

In Malmö, he managed to kick enough life and sparkle into his dull little ditty to land in second place out of twenty-three countries.

If Michael Ball was enough for a second place, how heavily wouldn't he have scored had he had something decent to sing? Like the song ending in second place, co-written by Andy Hill - the man behind all of Bucks Fizz' hit singles as well as Céline Dion's "Think Twice".

Could "As Dreams Go By" have beaten Ireland's Linda Martin in Malmö? I'm pretty sure it could.

If so, would Ireland have won as many times during the 90's anyway? I'm not so sure at all.

Michael Ball - As Dreams Go By (United Kingdom 1992 national final)

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  1. Yill certainly thought the runner-up was worthy of a wider audience, anyway:


    As for the winner, well, 1992 is (somehow) the year that turned me from an ESC viewer into an ESC fan, and "One Step..." will forever be my drunken karaoke song. You have been warned.