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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tobson's Wish List: Jelena Rozga for Croatia

She had a hard act to follow - when the elegant, sophisticated and highly appreciated Danijela Martinović wanted to leave Magazin shortly after their 1995 Eurovision adventure in Dublin, young Jelena was taken in to fill her shoes.

Danijela went on to have quite a successful solo career, perhaps peaking when representing Croatia again in Birmingham in 1998.

Jelena was first entered into the Croatian national final as a solo singer in 1996, and this first try was perhaps not completely convincing. She danced sweetly but struggled to hit the higher notes and seemed not too confident on stage.

Almost ten years with Magazin turned the tables completely, and since going solo in 2006 she is leading a remarkable career in Croatia. She has won the Grand Prix of the important Split festival every year since 2008 and was the first female performer in her country to sell out a concert hall of 12,000 seats.

Given how low interest is for the once so glorious Dora - the Croatian national final - and how popular Jelena is, it wouldn't be a bad idea to select her internally to represent her country in Baku.

After two flops in succession (and not a single top ten finish since 2001) it would be about time for Croatia to make an impression again.

Jelena Rozga - Bižuterija

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