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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Portugal: roll out the remix

I probably should criticise Festival da Canção more often, as it suddenly managed to produce the best Portuguese entry in years. Didn't really see that one coming.

Leonor Andrade is a good singer and her song is a pleasant soft rocker with potential. But it would still take some work to transform it from being a likeable album track to a Eurovision contender.

It needs more intensity. More drama and a fuller arrangement. Some dramatic strings, perhaps? Backing singers?

It also needs a bit of a re-write. Not much, but after the promising verse the chorus feels flat, like four identical lines being sung over and over. Which is pretty much what it is. Some tweaking and fixing - could you change one of the lines a bit to add more character - and Portugal would have a very probable finalist onboard.

Leonor Andrade - Há um mar que nos separa (Portugal 2015 studio version)

Leonor Andrade - Há um mar que nos separa (Portugal 2015 live version)

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