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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Semi 2: 04 Israel / Made Of Stars

After a few years trapped out in the Eurovision semi final desert, Israel finally made it back to the Saturday night lineup last year with a song I initially felt very little for. This year saw them sticking to that same selection modus and the same composer as last year.

Hovi Star is an extravagant persona and a good singer and he has one of only two male ballads in this semi final. So the big question remains why SVT has put both these male ballads so close to each other in the running order - especially given how similar they are from a visual point of view.

Israel's entry is the more dynamic one but will they end up cancelling each other out? Coming after Poland and Switzerland, I doubt the audience is longing for another slow entry at this point.

No, unless Hovi really performs the living daylights out of it. I would want to have it in the final, but it will struggle to get there.

My grade: 3/5

Hovi Star / Made Of Stars (Israel 2016 preview clip)

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