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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Semi 2: 01 Latvia / Heartbeat

Latvia was really down and out in Eurovision, not making it out of the semi for six consecutive years, when they suddenly got themselves together and rose again.

Maybe Latvia didn't do it. Maybe Aminata did it all for them. The remarkably talented singer and songwriter that took Latvia to sixth place in Vienna last year - and who would have ended in second place had the juries alone decided the outcome - is back this year.

This time around she left the performing responsibility to young Justs and seldom has the Latvian fate rested in safer hands. Justs feels safe and reliable, but there is also an edge to his voice and his presence. Fragile and strong at the same time. A modern minimalist pop tune with an explosive performer - that's all I want, that's all I need.

Yes. If Latvia is not in the final, then the universe is broken anyway.

My grade: 4/5

Justs / Heartbeat (Latvia 2016 preview clip)

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