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Friday, April 29, 2016

Final: United Kingdom / You're Not Alone

To repair something as broken as the relationship between the United Kingdom and the Eurovision Song Contest is a difficult process and nothing that will be achieved overnight. This year's national final could possibly have been the first of several baby steps needed to push things in the right direction.

Out of a decent but not exactly thrilling selection, arguably the best song won. A pretty contemporary little bagatelle with a clear hook in its chorus and clearly the best UK entry for many years. The kind of entry the Irish song would like to think it is.


The song is nice but doesn't grow on you. It won't take a lot for this one to get upstaged by anything coming before or after it in the running. And the boys would have to get more intense with each other to convince the audiences of their bubbly friendship. They would need to hug and sparkle and at least look they were keen on maybe even kissing each other.

Potential winner:
In no way, no. But on a good day this could be the positive surprise that collects decent points from all over the place and ends in a 12th place. Which would be like a victory for the UK given recent struggles.

My grade: 3/5

Joe & Jake / You're Not Alone (United Kingdom 2016 preview clip)


  1. This isn't an attack just a genuine question, why are you so generous towards the UK entry each year? 3/5 when the Lithuanian,Irish,Danish entries ( which are all better entries) get 1/5. Sorry if I sound like I'm attacking you like I said above but just wondering.

    1. I don't feel attacked at all. This question got me thinking, am I always generous towards the UK? Maybe I have been.

      I often find the UK entries quite good when watching the previews, only to find them reduced to almost nothing once presented live on stage.

      As for any song being "better" than any other, taste is subjective. I really think Ireland, Lithuania and above all Denmark are really bleak and disappointing this year. That is my opinion and I will stand by it, even if these songs make it to the final.