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Friday, April 8, 2016

Semi 1: 01 Finland / Sing It Away

It's always good to be number one. If you can't be first when the votes are in, you can at least be first in the running order. It's an honour to get to kick the whole contest off.

Despite all the negativity that surrounded Finland in fan circuits - partially caused by people's favourites not winning the national final - I still think Sandhja and her Akkabellat backing group could make a bit of an impression. Some more polished camera work and some good energy could possibly go quite a long way.

It is difficult to be the first song out but in my mind at least it will take quite a while before any song comes along in this semi that is obviously superior to Finland. The song also has a different style compared to must in this year's line-up. All hope is not lost.

Borderline. I find Sandhja's entry positive and uplifting and more original than the ocean of radio-friendly mid-tempo coming up this year. With a bit of luck, she's in.

My grade: 4/5

Sandhja / Sing It Away (Finland 2016 preview clip)

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