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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tobson's Ranking: #26 Norway

This song really needs a Tooji. But Tooji would deserve a better song.

Tooji - Stay (Norway 2012)

So, Norway got the last place in the final. It means they have eleven last places in the final - more than any other participating country. But since the semi finals were introduced, the map has changed. A last place in the final is a lot better than staying in the semi.

Tooji got a lot of positive attention in Baku and he really is an explosive little package. He sings OK, but he is a delightful presence on stage who manages to fill his little song with some edge, some temper and some nerve.

His little song really needs it, by the way. In fact, it is a very bleak sketch of a song where the songwriting team has only thrown in some rhythms, some sounds and some hooks, hoping that would be enough. It is not.

There isn't even a proper chorus - the part intended to be a chorus sounds like a promising bridge, and suddenly the whole thing goes back to the verse again.

Norway needs to take greater care when it comes to selecting their songs. For the last three years they sent in good singers with weak material. A shake-up in the songwriting department and the Norweigans won't have to worry much about last places anymore.

My grade: 2/5

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  1. At least he was nice to look at, at the very least and see pop around and dance a bit!