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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tobson's Ranking: #22 Ireland

Sometimes it is great to make a quick comeback, sometimes it is better to stay away. As for Jedward, I have no idea whether this was clever or not.

Jedward - Waterline (Ireland 2012)

I can easily conclude two things: 1) "Waterline" is a much weaker entry than "Lipstick" was. 2) The real Jedheads could not care less about this.

It is interesting to note that the low score and lack of success the Irish twins had in Baku seems not to have influenced their popularity at all. Their fans seem to stay loyal, maybe even thinking the brothers showed themselves versatile proposing something different compared to last year's entry.

In a way they did. They reminded the audience of their presence, they were sweet and witty and funny, and they looked striking in their new hairdos. 

I just think they could have achieved that very effect, even stronger, with a better song. Why they went for a washed-out Saade-reject remains a mystery to me.

My grade: 2/5


  1. The song wasn't John and Edwards choice, they wanted Whats Your Number, a livlier song on the fabulous new album Young Love, but were overuled by their mentor Linda Martin and Manager Louis Walsh.

    1. So, shame on them. John and Edward did an excellent job in Baku, being very available and very charming.

  2. To my surprise the brothers sang rather well in the contest. The soundtrack from the Irish selection had both Jed and Edward singing differently out of tune and to underline this the backing singers tried to correct this by singing IN tune.

    But it seems that before Baku the boys had had some training, as their performance didn't sound that bad anymore.

    But still, a dull song is a dull song.

  3. As an Irish person who has a vengeant hatred of Feckward since their arrival via 'X Factor', I have to just come out and say it: I felt horrified by how they did. Again, I hate them but hatred aside, they seemed all right, but didn't deserve to go into the final at all, and then get 23rd of 25. Ah well, you can't have your cake and eat it I suppose. I did a blog post here: blagb.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/im-so-close-to-the-waterline-jedward-are-backu/ :)