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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tobson Ranking: #42 San Marino

Growing old gracefully was never a Ralph Siegel thing to do. But I never thought he would go this low. Seriously.

Valentina Monetta - The Social Network Song (San Marino 2012)

I guess we should have seen it coming ever since he made Lou sing the infamous line "let's get happy and let's be gay" in Riga 2003. Ralph Siegel was always a man of speculation who happily exploited young talent and hopeful musicians in order to grab some attention.

Back in the day, at least, he would dress his performers up with a hit and the chance of going on in the business. He used to be good, Ralph. He has written and produced loads of really good songs, let's not forget about that.

But at some point, the whole thing just slipped through his fingers and these days he keeps knocking out truly bottom-of-the-league material of the kind he would never have touched with a long stick back in the day.

The Sammarinese entry of 2012 is bad, yes, but above all it is a very cynical and calculated attempt at cashing in on what Team Siegel considers "modern" and "edgy" themes. Mention the internet, namedrop a famous website, mention "cyber sex".

Cynical, calculated and without the slightest hint of warmth, intelligence or humour.

Poor Valentina Monetta, dressed up like a teenager despite knocking forty, is just a visitor in her own entry. You can almost see the panic in her eyes, maybe it dawned upon her - far too late - what a train wreck of an entry she is lending herself to?

My grade: 0/5

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