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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tobson Ranking: #40 Belgium

If you see a sweet girl singing a forgettable ballad, then it is most probably the entry of Belgium.

Iris - Would You? (Belgium 2012) 

Belgium has done this stunt so many times that I, for one, am losing track. Sending in solid singers with dull entries that nobody will ever vote for. Linda Lepomme, Ingeborg, Barbara Dex, Nathalie Sorce, Nuno Resende... The list is even longer, really.

The 2012 project started out really well: in an attempt of copying the success of Tom Dice in 2010, the record industry was asked to find a young, likeable talent that could be selected internally. So far, so good. Iris seemed like a good choice.

And then the poor girl is left with nothing to sing. She is given two remarkably disengaging songs to song on national television before the televoters decide for her to go to Baku with the arguably weaker of the two.

The eurofans were smitten by young Iris and her likeable persona, but it can not have been a real surprise to anyone when this entry failed to qualify. A dull song is a dull song, and a dull song seldom gets voted into the final.

Maybe one day even Belgian television will learn this.

My grade: 1/5


  1. I agree mostly on this years belgian song, but not that much on the other songs you mentioned. Door de wind and Iemand als jij were actually my favourite songs of 1989 and 1993 and I still like them very much. Not a bombastic or pompous ballads like the ones from Balkan countries but still good songs, that grow on you.

    1. I also like both Door de wind and Iemand als jij (especially Ingeborg), but it didn't quite take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that neither would be a heavy scorer.