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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tobson Ranking: #31 Azerbaijan

It's cold, cold, cold. (It's their words, not mine!)

Sabina Babayeva - When The Music Dies (Azerbaijan 2012)

As every year, no expense was saved in order to make Azerbaijan's entry stand out from the rest. Sabina Babayeva was given a state-of-the-art high-tech dress with an advanced light show on it (as well as an extra dose of collagen in her lips) to enhance her performance.

It does look fantastic (the dress, that is) and adds an extra piece of drama.

The ethnic touch, added by the famous backing singer and some local instruments, failed to gel with the song, however. The whole package came across as a bit too loud for its own good.

And above all - while Sabina hits the notes correctly (despite being a bit shaky in the lower register), she fails to deliver a single trace of emotion throughout her performance. There is no heart in it. It's just... cold.

And I fail to believe that was how a song about heartbreak was supposed to be.

My grade: 2/5

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  1. You're description applies more or less to all four entries Azerbaijan has bought from Sweden. Cold.