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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Runner-up: Spain 1971

You can say Spain played it safe in 1971 as they got a star to do the job for them and then fixed her up with a song sticking to the same formula as their 1969 winning entry "Vivo cantando".

But then again, entering something as crazy as this should never be considered playing safe.

It starts with a rather low key verse which is only there to warm up the audience for the big thing. It builds into a catchy chorus that gets repeated and repeated until nobody can escape it anymore before it spirals into almost uncontrollable bounciness.

"En un mundo nuevo" also has a fake ending, a finesse that had been very "in" during the late 60's. Some other entries had attempted it before, but never to this extent.

Right when you might think the song is over, the orchestra bursts into a perfectly bombastic rerun of the chorus in what sounds like a parody of a eurosong, only done so well you have to surrender to it.

Karina is also flawless, a real firecracker of a performer, and makes this overloaded package not only make it over the finishing line but feel like a loveable and slightly wacko gem of a song.

A deserved 2nd place?
Yes. There are better songs in the line-up of 1971 but Karina's determination wins me over every time. Nowhere near as good as the winner but then again not many songs are.

Karina - En un mundo nuevo (Spain 1971)

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  1. imagine that in 2015 feat wind and pyromania.. horrible :D