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Friday, January 30, 2015

Runner-up: Ireland 1990

It could be hard to believe, but Ireland's 1990 eurovision entry - ending in a tie for second place with France - was in fact a soft and humble ballad performed by a male singer. Shocker.

Jokes aside, playing it safe used to be Ireland's favourite game in the ESC and depressingly often they got away with songs that were pleasant but not much more than that.

This one has its moments. It's melodic and the piano man approach makes it feel pretty intimate. Liam Reilly has a pleasant voice and if you really want it to, the whole package could remind you a bit of Elton John.

Again the big problem is in the lyrics, possibly vaguely inspired by the big ongoing political changes of Europe at that time. More than anything this is a list of places worth a visit around the continent, like random Tripadvisor pages set to music.

Everytime it almost gets close to the listener, on the brink of containing real emotion, there is a new cascade of tired name-dropping of famous sights until nothing of it could possibly mean anything to anyone anymore.

A deserved 2nd place?
Compare this one to the fresh, attractive and tempestuous French entry it shared its runner-up position with. Does this one measure up? Not even close.

Liam Reilly - Somewhere In Europe (Ireland 1990)

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