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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Runner-up: Denmark 2001

Ecstatic after bagging their first victory in 37 years, Danish television derailed ever so slightly and lost a bit of focus while preparing for the 2001 Copenhagen final.

Never mind if things were good as long as they were big. The biggest arena ever with a huge audience and a huge stage unfortunately resulted in a show that often looked like it was shot in a flight hangar where a large restless crowd kept walking about rather than focusing on the competing entries.

The only song to benefit from this setting was the home entry, a pleasant if not violently outstanding tune with a typically wide Danish smile and a singalong chorus that was easy to retain. Catchy and happy. Inoffensive.

Under normal cirucumstances, the Danes could have had a nice fifth place with this song. Now, being performed last on the night in front of an audience that suddenly goes from barely awake to screaming enthusiastically, it came across very well on-screen. Surely that must have affected the voting masses at home.

A deserved 2nd place?
Hardly. I am not saying the Estonian victory was fully deserved either, but both these entries came across well and scored accordingly, while better songs looked less attractive and failed to impress. I just wish songs would matter more in a song contest, that's all.

Rollo & King - Never Ever Let You Go (Denmark 2001)

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