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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Runner-up: Ireland 1997

As already stated when reviewing Ireland 1967, there has been an abundance of soft and inoffensive male ballads representing the emerald isle through the years.

How inoffensive can you be before that in itself turns offensive? How much pleasant can you take before it feels unpleasant? This very song has at least for me crossed some kind of line.

It's a song about a man who sees a beautiful woman at an airport. He wonders where she could be from. He knows he will never forget her. Now his entire life will have a sombre undercurrent and a bitter after taste since he knows this woman was the only one in the world that could have made him happy.

I'll repeat that: he sees her for a matter of seconds and knows nobody else can ever make him happy again. Not that he talked to her or anything but perhaps personality is overrated.

Just how trivial can any story get? Seriously? If it hadn't been for the dimwitted lyrics, it would only have been a seriously average ballad with some lovely strings. Now instead it is a fantastically annoying piece of drivel. With some lovely strings.

A deserved 2nd place?
No no no. One of the most pointless entries ever. Should have been in the bottom five and nowhere else.

Marc Roberts - Mysterious Woman (Ireland 1997)


  1. Yes! The lyrics really are beyond irritating. Lovely to see an articulate take-down of them.

    And it turns out even the verse melody - arguably the song's one good point, strings aside - is a mini-PLAGIJAT of a country song from a few years previously, although I assume it's inadvertent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjegQY28W04

  2. I feel very much the same towards the Swedish entry from 2011, which in short says: "You don't want me but I want you (or to be more precise, my BODY wants you). No matter what you think I will get you by getting so pop-pop-popular by kicking down some telephone booths". How's that for an intelligent, modern and respectful approach to a man and a woman relatioship?

  3. I don't mind the lyrics :) The song is beautiful and Marc performs it well. However, it wasn't THAT good. There were so many better songs than this one.