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Saturday, May 22, 2021

ESC 2021: Tobson takes a final guess


Soon it will be over. The first ESC in two years is about to begin. And end. And we will have ourselves a new winner.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't take a final shot at predicting the results. 

Every year I write something about how open the contest feels and how so many different countries could actually win. The more unusual thing this year is that while it is wide open, the number of potential winners is smaller than in many years. I'd say there are four countries that could actually take the trophy.

Of course it all comes down to things we can't really touch or foresee. It is more a battle of genres than a battle of songs. Can a noisy rock song actually win? Can a piece of apocalyptic folkloristic rave win? Can a sensitive young man with a sensitive song win two contests in a row? Can that French chanson actually win despite French chansons being totally helpless in the voting for the past two decades or so?

And is there a song that I have written off that is capable of surprising us? Lithuania? Malta?

It is more crowded down in the bottom of the results. There are quite a few songs that the juries really should not be voting for, based on vocal capacities, bits and pieces taken from already existing songs and so on. Will the jury keep anyone on zero tonight? Several songs, perhaps?

Here goes. My final prediction is that tonight's final will end like this:

01. Switzerland, 02. Ukraine, 03. Italy, 04. France, 05. Lithuania, 06. Bulgaria, 07. Malta, 08. Russia, 09. Iceland, 10. Netherlands, 11. Finland, 12. San Marino, 13. Greece, 14. Serbia, 15. Spain, 16. Portugal, 17. Albania, 18. Sweden, 19. Belgium, 20. Cyprus, 21. Moldova, 22. Norway, 23. Israel, 24. Azerbaijan, 25. Germany, 26. United Kingdom.  

As per usual, you can find me on Twitter, commenting on the action as the drama unfolds.

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