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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Applause for the running order

Last year I wrote that I could hardly remember the last time the final felt as open and unpredictable as then. It was really open indeed. And yet just a still little breeze compared to this year.

Seriously folks? There is not a single song that stands out enough to be the obvious candidate. For us who watched both semis there will be songs we already fell for. But a large chunk of viewers tonight didn't do that. These songs will be new for them.

If you thought the running order would make it easier to predict, then you were badly mistaken.

Christer Björkman - it must be him making the sequencing, right? - has really outdone himself with a little help from the drawing of lots dividing the countries into first and second half of the order.

We are having an almost perfect running order, never allowing things to slow for too long, and the end is one heck of a ride with almost exclusively favourites neck to neck.

It makes it hell to try and predict anything but will give everyone at home an excellent show. Bravo!

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