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Monday, March 5, 2012

Spain 2012: Quédate conmigo

A few little things were spinning in my head as I sat down to watch the live performance of Spain's entry for the first time.

1) One of my favourite Spanish entries ever has the word "quédate" in the title. Good omen.

2) When I heard the songs on RTVE's web, I wasn't violently impressed by anything.

3) Thomas G:son representing Spain in a song contest is, for me, about as natural as Finland being represented by kebab in a cooking contest.

4) The regular outburst of comment on the net has, again, been devided into the Spain-huggers who thinks this must be the winner (like they did every time the last few years) and the Spain-bashers who think this is just trash, bound to crash and burn come May.

I tried to disregard all this and open my senses for Pastora Soler, and I must admit that she really is convincing. While the ballad in itself may be something heard and seen several times in the past, the delivery and well controlled vocal performance is pretty rare.

If Pastora, unlike Soraya and some other Spanish acts recently, manages to keep herself composed and professional throughout the ESC and delivers all the right notes in the right places, then Spain could have its first encounter with top ten since 2004.

Probably not a winner, but more than one step in the right direction.

Pastora Soler - Quédate conmigo (Spain 2012)

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