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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Estonia 2012: Ott wants you to listen

The final of Eesti Laul 2012 ended in victory for Ott Lepland and his big ballad "Kuula" after defeating ex-Vanilla Ninja singer Lenna in the superfinal.

Estonia's only top ten showing in recent years was also a slower number performed in their own language, so maybe this was the right way to go.

Ott Lepland can certainly carry a tune and delivers the song in a very precise, restrained and yet emotional way that is very likely to convince at least a few of the jurors around Europe. I'm not equally convinced that the televoters will fall flat for this song.

Given how surprisingly poorly Israel did two years ago, when top favourite Harel Skaat barely made it into the final before having to content himself with a pale fourteenth place, it raises the question whether this is the golden age of big ballads.

Ott will also have to confront Balkan ballad master Željko Joksimović in a battle for the belter points available. Will there be enough points for both of them?

For me, the Estonian entry is a beautiful little song that grows on you when you hear it several times, but perhaps it is lacking a certain something to give it profile enough to stand out. But the ones who listen carefully will certainly be rewarded for that.

Ott Lepland - Kuula (Estonia 2012)

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