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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Romania 2012: drums and bagpipes

Romania has selected Mandinga as their entrant for Baku with the sunny and uncomplicated little ditty "Zaleilah". My first impression is that you could not physically bring more gimmicks into a three-minute song without wrecking some kind of universal law.

Fancy little drums. Bagpipes. Ultracool white glasses. And a song with at least two languages in it.

I found myself a little annoyed with the whole thing, so I switched to another window while hearing the rest of the entry. And suddenly I started liking it. It had all the summery beach flavour you want from a summer hit and there is nothing wrong with the vocal delivery.

I suppose that with some improvement to the stage presentation (and better camera work), Romania will get the whole thing working in the end.

Mandinga - Zaleilah (Romania 2012)

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