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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moldova 2012: the happiest fiddler in town

I saw only the end of the Moldovan final, so I have no idea about the masterpieces I might have missed, but the winner's reprise of the Moldovan song left me a bit puzzled at first.

Then, again, I realised that my doubts were connected to the poor quality of the actual transmission. The song is a sparkling, energetic little number that will look great with a better production in Baku.

Pasha Parfeny - Lautar (Moldova 2012)

Pasha Parfeny (or sometimes Parfeni, wonder which one is the right one?) is a fabulous presence and puts on a fun show together with his mad dancers. The horse-riding bit might go down in Eurovision history books.

But above all, it is a spanking good little song. Catchy, direct, folksy and graspable, with a high likeability factor.

Surely one of my personal favourites, this year.

Pasha Parfeny - Lautar (Moldova 2012 studio version)

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  1. I surelly prefered Pasha last year to Zdobs, but they were much more popular.. Anyway, this year song is better. Hogla