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Sunday, March 18, 2012

San Marino 2012: the EBU says no

The EBU has issued a statement in which they come to the conclusion they had to come to: the 2012 Sammarinese entry is a clear violation of the rules and will not be eligible for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Of course.

If the EBU would ever want the rulebook to be considered a remotely relevant document, this was what had to be done. Satire or not, a registered trademark can not be the focal point of an entry like this.

In order to show its goodwill, San Marino now has until Friday to come up with a new entry if they wish to remain in the competition. Will they be able to find a new song in this short time? Will they use Ralph Siegel again? Who will pay for the production of the song and the new clip needed?

The mess is complete, but the television of San Marino can blame nobody but themselves. How could they think it was a good idea employing this shadow of a songwriter that Siegel has turned into? How could they not see the alarm lights flashing when he presented his ideas?

Valentina Monetta - Facebook Uh Oh Oh (San Marino 2012 rejected entry)

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