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Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3: Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi had quite an OK little career going on in the 1980's. Nothing compared to what she would achieve a few years later when she would turn into Official Queen of Everything and become one of the top players of Greek entertainment.

She entered the Greek final in 1989 without doing particularly well. "Kleo" was a good little soft rocker of a kind that was popular around that time, but the version used here is just a demo and you can tell.

Maybe this could have turned interesting had it been given a facelift and a restyling. Rock songs were in short supply in Lausanne and given there had been a powerful backing track - as that Swiss orchestra wasn't all that rock'n'roll to start with - Anna could have had a chance of scoring heavily from the jurors who couldn't stand yet another ballad.

Anna Vissi - Kleo (Greece NF 1989)

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