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Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 19: Ines

For some years, Estonian tv didn't really get anything right when it came down to selecting an entry for Eurovision. The formerly so successful Baltic state suddenly found themselves doing really badly in the international finals.

In 2003, their seemingly fool-proof system of having international experts selecting the winner had backfired and lead to a dismal placing in Riga. After that, the Estonian public was allowed to chose by televoting for two years, but neither one of their winners made it to the big ESC final. It was time to bring the international experts back.

It could have been a good idea, had they themselves selected more relevant and up-to-date experts. Instead the bunch in question rejected Ines' big comeback in favour of a slick but anaemic schlager that would go on to crash and burn in Athens.

Personally, I can't remember making a longer face at any national final I have ever been to and I still wish for Estonia to send Ines to the big thing for a second attempt some day when the stars align.

Ines / Iseendale (Estonia NF 2006)

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  1. What a bold Eurovision entry this would have made. Real melody, killer, expressive vocals and modern orchestration in a guitar pop gem! After that, my hopes for a loving entry for Athens started to fade. And to make it worse, Anna Vissi decided to support Everything vs Welcome to the Party! All hope had -by then- lost...