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Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17: Adam & Eve

The old saying goes that two wrongs can make one right, or something like that. So what happens if you just pile loads and loads of wrongs on top of one another?

Well, this is pretty much what happens.

A song about Adam & Eve and their wonderful life in the garden of Eden, until a certain snake makes an entrance and tempts them with the largest apple ever seen by any human eye.

That very idea in combination with a catchy chorus and THOSE outfits. Whoever thought that colour was skin colour in the first place?

Easy as it is to giggle at this little piece of schlager kitsch one should remember that Adam & Eve were pretty established stars at this time. They had had a number of hit singles and seemed fairly tongue in cheek about their own act.

In fact Eve was the real star of the duo and changed singing partners now and then, but always renaming them Adam for the sake of the act. The way any real star would.

Adam & Eve / Hallo Adam, Hallo Eva (Germany NF 1980)

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