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Friday, April 22, 2011

Songs only I like: Spain 2006

This is a song I don't just like - I love it. Out of the songs of the 2006 Eurovision, this is the one that has been spinning the most in my iPod since and I never grow tired of it.

Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary (Spain 2006)

It wasn't love at first sight, though. And who are to blame but the good people at RTVE?

They decided internally to send Las Ketchup to Athens, but as a PR-stunt (and possibly to give some credibility to the choice of a has-been one-hit-wonder) they stated they were selecting between them, Azucar Moreno, David Civera and some more act.

Trouble is that the managements of Azucar Moreno and David Civera promptly denied any involvement in Eurovision - and RTVE stood there looking ridiculous. Given this media circus (and the fact that I was beyond fed up with The Ketchup Song), I didn't pay much attention to the song until the cute preview arrived.

Las Ketchup - Bloody Mary (Spain 2006 preview)

Perhaps the live vocal performance was a bit of a let-down, but I still adore this song. If you are with me on this one, please be kind and leave a comment.

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  1. I'm very surprised with your choice! I have always thougt that this song is completely unattainable for a foreign audience... music rarely comes to seduction, but the lyrics have a certain, rare, poetic quality... and live performance was disastrous... By the way, i'm surprised too with "wenn du da bist"... one of my favourites entries ever... i've heard this song thousands of times (my own recording from tv) but i had forgotten that ...¿¿surreal??... staging!!!. kind regards from Barcelona. Jordi