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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scoreboard extravaganza: Munich 1983

This is a very basic old-school scoreboard with no spectacular details - it shows the points, a light indicates the country voting, another flashing light indicates the country in the lead (Luxembourg for the greater part of the voting).

It does showcase one thing I love about the old school scoreboards, though. In sharp contrast to the computer rendered scoreboards of today, the old ones are very physical. Just look at this.

Marlène Charell could have extended her hand and touched it, had she wanted to. This is big, large, solid and very much a part of the stage set.

This particular scoreboard even had an impact on the venue. The originally selected Deutsches Theater , where several national finals had been hosted, proved to small to host both the stage and the scoreboard and ARD had to move the whole shebang to the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle instead.

Possibly the Düsseldorf scoreboard will be slightly more sophisticated. We will know in about a month from now.

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  1. "This is big, large, solid and very much a part of the stage set."
    LOL - the stage looked so tiny, and was probably the worst stage ever.