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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scoreboard extravaganza: Brussels 1987

It will come as no news to faithful followers of this blog that I am a tiny bit of a eurovision nerd. Along with that title comes a love for all details that could seem insignificant, but that will send me into a spin.

Scoreboards are one of these things I love more than most.

Hereby, I kick off a series where I share some of my favourite scoreboards through the years, and the first one is the first one I remember at all.

The 1987 ESC, produced by RTBF and held in Brussels, was the first one I saw from beginning to end, aged 11. It was the first voting I followed live and this scoreboard left a lasting impression.

It looks modern in the old-fashioned way of the mid-80's, and it showed the placing for each country after each round of voting. It had flags and was above all very easy to read.

I can't help but wonder how it looks in the eye of the younger fans. Does it have a certain charm à la curiosity shop or does it only look old?

Also - note that the countries are written in French! A nice touch, and it has only been done once again since 1987 (two years later in Lausanne). I wonder if even France would have the scoreboard in French these days...?


  1. This era of scoreboards shaped an important part of my fandom. Loving it.

  2. Great subject. There are lots of extra-musical items of interest in Eurovision that one can talk about(video postcards, presenters, stage design and so on), you could discuss about all aspects of Eurovision forever...

    I am looking forward to your comments about the Norwegian scoreboard of 1996 that tried to change everything, but didn't, and about the Latvian scoreboard of 2003 that actually did change everything.

    Mikko S.

  3. Yes, you should Review the Oslo 1996 Scoreboard - worst ever imo