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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blue could be what the UK needs

It's a little bit funny... For years, I have suggested that the BBC should scrap their national finals and start selecting internally.

If you pull the right strings, I said. There are so many stars who hasn't had a hit for some time and who would love the exposure, I said. You could easily convince a credible chart act, I said.

And finally, the Beeb did exactly what I wanted them to do. What good does it do to organise national finals that nobody wants to take part in and that does no good for anyone's career?

Internal selection seems to have done the trick as Blue, with rather a large international following before disbandning a few years back, has come up with a modern-sounding song that could have clear hit potential.

Blue - I Can (United Kingdom 2011)

It is possibly not the pop record of the year, it is perhaps not the best song in the Blue catalogue. But just like "Love Shine A Light" fourteen years ago, it sound familiar and yet a tiny bit edgy (without really being it), old-fashioned in a modern way that could convince quite a few people to vote for it.

Back in the day, before the UK had their Eurovision breakdown, they could present rather weak number and still score heavily, mainly because they have that internationl pop vibe that can appeal to everyone all over the continent, at least a bit.

If the singing falls into place neatly on stage, then the UK could go very far indeed.

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  1. I like the entry. To be honest, I am listening at it right now and it makes me feel so good! :)