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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Preview clip: Hungary 2007

I am so happy about Hungary being back at the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Not that the Hungarian entries always went down very well in the competition, but most of them were original and added an air of something different.

Very much so in 2007, when MTV produced not only a highly unusual entry but also one of the best preview clips ever.

Magdi Rúzsa - Unsubstantial Blues (Hungary 2007 preview)

Lavish, tasteful, artistic. Three minutes of pure art. And it didn't lose anything when translated to the live stage either.

Magdi Rúzsa - Unsubstantial Blues (Hungary 2007)

Next week, MTV has promised to disclose their candidate for Düsseldorf. I keep my fingers crossed for more unusual, bold and different songs coming up.

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