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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Tobson's result: ESC 2020, semi 2

Instead of predicting any sort of result - the more observant among you have noticed that the ESC has been cancelled and will not be happening on your screens this week or ever - I started my own little game this Tuesday.

Since we will never have an official result anyway, I will give you my own. What would the outcome have been had I been both jury and televote for the 2020 ESC?

This will all of course lead up to a final on Saturday, but here I give you the songs I would have left out of the second semi final. All ranked and explained and exposed.

18. AUSTRIA Vincent Bueno / Alive
Someone pointed out to me what a complex composition this is and maybe that is correct. However it fails to provoke any kind of emotion in me. Maybe it all comes down to poor Vincent who's working and working and never makes it past the screen.
Grade: 1/5

17. GEORGIA Tornike Kipiani / Take Me As I Am
It starts out very interestingly only to take a deep plunge into something anonymous and slightly pointless. Not unlike Georgia's ESC path so far. I wish they would get their act together soon. Sopho Khalvashi, where are you when Georgia needs you?
Grade: 1/5

16. MOLDOVA Natalia Gordienko / Prison
Carefully polished. It has probably taken a lot of time and money and effort to make this look as polished as it is. Which just goes out to prove the point that you can polish and polish as much as you like, if you don't have an interesting song to start with it will do you no good.
Grade: 1/5

15. POLAND Alicja / Empires
Objectively not a bad song, just a song that is hard to care about or invest any emotion into. Alicja is trying her best but this remains technically flawless but unimportant.
Grade: 1/5

14. DENMARK Ben & Tan / Yes
Happy and upbeat but keeps standing still in one place for three minutes without any sort of climax or development. It's a no from me.
Grade: 2/5

13. ESTONIA Uku Suviste / What Love Is
Very similarly to Moldova, this keeps repeating the same little phrase over and over throughout the song. A clever little trick in itself but it also makes the whole thing a bit too repetitive. It starts out nicely, then you grow tired of it before it is over.
Grade: 2/5

12. FINLAND Aksel / Looking Back
This one has grown on me since the Finnish final. A bit, at least. The studio version sounds good and Aksel sings the lyrics like he would mean them, but on stage the whole thing remains lacking any sort of dynamics. I get bored and start thinking about something else.
Grade: 2/5

11. SAN MARINO Senhit / Freaky
San Marino almost made it into my final and I have liked Senhit a lot ever since Düsseldorf. However, I liked her other song better and find this effective but pretty soulless. I hope she will get another shot at it next time around and that she manages to find the song to fit her like hand in glove then.
Grade: 2/5

All in all it was easier parting with these songs than with some of the ones I left behind in semi 1. Croatia and Sweden would definitely have had a shot in this company.

My ten finalists for Saturday's final are (in alphabetical order):
  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Latvia
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland

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