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Friday, February 19, 2016

Sweden: Melodifestivalen, semi 3

I am going to admit something now. I wouldn't want this to be the case but it is and I am going to spell it out. So far this year, very few songs in Melodifestivalen made any sort of difference to me.

I listened and listened and the vast majority just run me by. In through one ear, out through the other. Many previous years I liked all the songs that came in the very bottom of the ranking, this year nothing really gets to me.

I do have a feeling this could be the week where it turns around a bit for me. The short snippets feel promising this time around.

01. SaRaha / Kizunguzungu
Happy and infectious and exotic in a way that never works in Melodifestivalen. Very pleasant but likely to be instantly forgotten.

02. Swingfly feat Helena Gutarra / You Carved Your Name
The chorus feels a bit weak at first but I really enjoy the sound of this. I was always a big fan of Teddybears STHLM so I expect this to fit me really well.

03. SMILO / Weight of the World
Happy and lightweight dance music that sounds like everything on the radio right now but with really dismal lyrics. Should be shark feed this week.

04. After Dark / Kom ut som en stjärna
A lovely little schlager competently performed by Sweden's top drag act. What is there not to love? Perhaps a little too traditional to really work in the competition but likely to lead a long life after the contest regardless.

05. Lisa Ajax / My Heart Wants Me Dead
The most difficult one to value after 30 seconds. It sounds very promising - and I like Lisa's way of nailing the camera - but can't decide whether the "every day"-hook is going to feel effective or repetitive in the end.

06. Boris René / Put Your Love On Me
A catchy and sexy chorus, bursting full of hooks and clever little ideas. The only problem: it feels like the cameras don't find Boris, or as if they were avoiding him. Otherwise this sounds like a breakthrough in the making.

07. Oscar Zia / Human
A floating and atmospheric song in an 1980's synth-pop-arrangement? I think I can smell a personal favourite coming up. And hopefully a sure qualifier.

Tobson predicts:
This week feels fairly easy. Which could easily mean I am totally clueless and will get nothing right. But here's the guess.
Final: Oscar Zia & Boris René
Andra Chansen: Swingfly & Lisa Ajax
5th: After Dark
Out: SaRaha & SMILO

Some things are difficult to call. If Boris gets lost with the cameras, Swingfly could easily take his place in the final. If Lisa Ajax feels monotonous instead of catchy, she could be fifth instead. As for the two songs that will be out, the question is only who'll be 6th and who'll be 7th...

From 14:00 CET you can hear longer clips at the official Melodifestivalen website.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Tobson,
    I agree with you. No great songs in Melodifestivalen this year. I have been very dissappointed. Good radio songs but nothing relevant. This semi showed some exceptions, Lisa Ajax is promising, Boris Rene catchy and Oscar Zia made it happen. Human sounds very interesting and I like his show: everyday clothes and no gimmicks on the stage.