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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Finland & Sweden: second semi roundup

The second week of UMK reminded all the viewers that there are good and ambitious artists in Finland who can take to the stage like it was the most natural thing in the world and perform the life out of any old song there is.

Just a shame Robin was just an interval act and not actually taking part. I kept asking myself whether he would or not. What would an established pop starlet have to gain from being in UMK?

At least not being a newcomer in front of the camera seems to help. The thing all three qualifiers had in common was that they had sung on tv before and all managed to communicate some sort of more relaxed attitude towards performing. And that possibly convinced the viewers to vote for them.

Out of the entries in the running, Mikael Saari was miles ahead of the others vocally but had I been in charge I would clean up his act. The dancing and theatrics only detract from the real thing. Give the lad a microphone stand and let him work the cameras instead.

Tobson's current top three in the final:
1) Mikael Saari / On It Goes
2) Saara Aalto / No Fear
3) Eini / Draamaa

In Sweden on the other hand everything seemed to be going just according to plan. The low energy I detected in Gina Dirawi was long gone and her co-host/guest performer Charlotte Perrelli sparkled like there was no tomorrow.

The songs were surprisingly non-sparkling but just like in Finland one stood out by a mile and Isa felt like the natural qualifier. Until she only made it to Andra Chansen beat by a really average dance track and a special effect.

Isa not making it to the final as well as Krista Siegfrids getting left in fifth place in favour of Molly PH's rather bland album track were bad surprises and left a taste of disappointment after the show.

Tobson's current top three in the final:
1) Ace Wilder / Don't Worry
2) Robin Bengtsson / Constellation Prize
3) Wiktoria / Save Me

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