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Friday, May 1, 2015

Semi 2: 15 Cyprus

Fifteen years ago the world was full of boybands who looked cute, danced a little bit and sang parts for dear life while twinkling at their audiences with their starry eyes. Most of those boybands had at least one song that sounded exactly like this year's Cypriot entry.

In other words there will be no points to Cyprus for being original or groundbreaking this time around. This is a very safe little song that won't shock anyone.

At first I couldn't quite believe how safe and inoffensive it was. Not to mention dull. I found it frighteningly dull. I had to rub my eyes as it won the national final.

First impressions don't always last and I must admit to having warmed to this one since. Somehow it works. Somehow it feels believable. Dear John looks at us the way the boybands did and when he says he's sorry I really think he is.

With an extreme portion of luck this could turn out to be almost as successful as its twin song "Stronger Every Minute" - Cyprus' most successful entry to date.

Yes, thanks to it's fortunate slot in the running order. And thanks to the sweet performance.

My grade: 3/5

John Karayannis - One Thing I Should Have Done (Cyprus 2015)

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