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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hats off to Ralph Siegel, part 1

People are a bit harsh on Ralph Siegel these days. So am I. I'm afraid it will continue all through this week and also for the next couple of years unless he retires from San Marino anytime soon.

To counter-balance all of this, I'd like to introduce a little mini series to highlight some of the really good things Herr Siegel has done in his career.

I'd like to stress and underline that he was a gifted composer and producer that managed to make his glossy and shiny schlager stand out and sparkle and feel more like pop.

In 1980, he produced the album "Glashaus" for Katja Ebstein and it is a masterpiece from start to end. Full of tastefully arranged songs - original material as well as carefully selected cover versions - and Katja really shines throughout the whole LP.

This song, for instance. "What does she have that I don't have". Can't be much. This is fun, likeable and very well conceived. Too bad the Sammarinese entry in Vienna sounds nothing like it.

Katja Ebstein - Was hat sie daß Ich nicht habe

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  1. Great song, not much different from Moskau, which is my all time favourite Ralph Siegel -song. Coming up in your series maybe?