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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Surprise, surprise: Australia joins in

It really must qualify as one of the most surprising news items in the modern history of Eurovision but the EBU just stated Australia will take part in the 2015 ESC with an entry.

The contest have been big down under for many years and several Australians have taken part through the years. This participation is meant to strengthen the bonds but is only supposed to be a one-off, unless Australia wins in which case they get to participate again and co-host the event somewhere in Europe.

In order not to take anyone's place, the Australian entry will be guaranteed a spot in the grand final and this is where I begin to frown as that brings the number of entries up to 27.

27 as in TWENTY-SEVEN songs to be performed in one night.

I remember that horrific 28 songs long semifinal of 2007 and feel confused. Didn't we all agree that it didn't work at all? That it made for really bad television? That nobody in the universe can digest that many songs in one go?

Unless this is soon revealed as one big joke meant to shake us up a bit - the online equivalent of Lill Lindfors dropping her skirt - I must admit to be puzzled.

Why not let Australia participate for good fun but don't give them a free spot in the final until the number of finalists is cut down. Let eight or nine countries qualify per semi and that's it. Twenty-seven entries is pure madness.

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  1. Agree with you fully. It could have been fun, but it now seems to make matters, if not worse, at least more complicated. And Eurovision is complicated enough as it has been.