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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finland & Sweden: second semi roundup

Melodifestivalen had a good second week: not only did the new voting app refrain from causing chaos and havoc, but arguably the two best songs made their way straight to the Stockholm final.

I was convinced - and many others as well - that the popular but clueless Samir & Viktor, with their thousands of online fans, would be unstoppable in this semi. Now they can play in Andra Chansen instead. Feels a lot better.

Magnus Carlsson walked right in and nailed his comfortable little schlager disco light and has surely bagged his biggest hit in years. He won't win the final but if he play his cards right at least his pop career could be back on track.

The same could be said for Mariette, who made quite an impression in Idol a couple of years ago but then failed to really impose herself on the pop scene. In the final she will probably be seen as too much of a Loreen light to be a real contender, but getting a hit is more important than that.

I was sorry to see Marie Bergman and Sanne Salomonsen in last place but they never really stood a chance. Where most of their fans probably sent a telephone vote or two, the other songs got extensively voted through the app. Hopefully the ladies will get airplay to make up for the loss of votes.

As for the show itself it is nice - much nicer than last year - and the hosts do a good job, especially Sanna Nielsen. And yet it feels a bit slow. All the pieces are good but too long. Somebody should trim and tighten the scripts as soon as possible.

Tobson's current top 3 in the final:
1) Magnus Carlsson / Möt mig i Gamla stan
2) Mariette / Don't Stop Believing
3) Eric Saade / Sting

Meanwhile, Finland was busy eliminating the best song in this year's UMK lineup. In a year where elaborate stage shows suddenly work and look good, Siru had opted for a simple performance with just herself and her microphone.

Apparently a bad idea as all three finalists had very strong visuals and aimed as much for the eyes of the viewers as their ears.

Shava was a virtual explosion of exotic colours and things happening on stage in a way almost never before seen in a Finnish final, successfully covering up the fact that there isn't much of song going on in that entry. Opera Skaala played the same game almost to the same extent and got fully rewarded for it.

If you think I'm against songs qualifying due to their stage appearance, you're wrong. I love the fact that Finnish acts suddenly understood this is a television event where visuals are most important.

I just weep silently when a really good song is eliminated. Just like I did in 2007 when Johanna Kurkela's better song - one of the best entries in any Finnish selection ever - was rejected by the televoters.

Tobson's current top 3 in the final:
1) Satin Circus / Crossroads
2) Jouni Aslak / Lions And Lambs
3) Opera Skaala / Heart Of Light


  1. I'm glad that someone feels the same about "Jossain metsäin takana", which was to me the best song in the 2007 selection. But with a song enhanced by a bed on stage and the first winner of Finnish Idols that song had no chance.

  2. Do you know if the UMK is released on CD this year?

    1. It doesn't look very promising. Chances are it's only released digitally this time.