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Friday, February 6, 2015

Runner-up: Spain 1973

Some results through Eurovision history you just can't argue with. It doesn't matter if you like "Save Your Kisses For Me" or not - it remains the best selling single out of all ESC winners and therefore deserved its victory. Right?

Another one that is hard to talk down is "Eres tú" that lost with a very tight margin to Anne-Marie David representing host country Luxembourg, but went on to become a resounding worldwide smash hit.

Mocedades were popular even before but now they were catapulted into the league of unforgettables. The song even made it high into the charts in the US, both in its original Spanish version but also in English as "Touch The Wind".

I must admit to being a fan myself. I think it's a lovely song. Very similar to the 1966 Yugoslav entry, but would Juan Carlos Calderón really have stolen another eurosong deliberately? I'm not sure.

Me being a fan doesn't change that fact that 1973 remains an impossibly strong year with a whole bunch of fantastic classics. "Eres tú" may be a minor monument of a song, but so is the winner. And so is Israel's "Ey sham".

A deserved 2nd place?
I'm not going to say it was undeserved. I'm just going to say that had I been the jury, I would have placed Luxembourg first, Israel second and Spain third. (And about five songs or so in a tied fourth place.)

Mocedades - Eres tú (Spain 1973)


  1. What do you think of how the live performance of this song sounds? I love the recorded version of the song, but on the Luxembourg stage (and with the disasterous sound mix of the whole contest) it sounds more like shouting than singing.

    Other songs suffered also of the mix (where almost nothing is heard of the strings), but I think that this song suffered the worst. One can only wonder what the song sounded like to the audience in the theatre.

    1. The sound mix was poor in 1973, but that was the same for every country. I think the worst thing for Spain was that the lead singer was very nervous and got a very hard tone in her voice. I guess it sounded better in the hall or wherever the jury was listening or at least they didn't deduct points for it.

  2. For Ilanit the bad mix didn't matter that much. She was confident, sung well and one could hear a bit of the string section where it was needed.