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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Preview clip: Slovenia 1997

At a certain time - peaking in 1997, to be honest - the music video had grown really strong as an art form in itself at the same time as Eurovision had grown important enough for certain countries to want to spend money on marketing themselves in this area.

Many countries made really lavish preview clips in 1997, not only highlighting their own songs but also giving the local tourist boards reason to rejoice, and the best one of all came from Slovenia.

Very stylish, atmospheric and beautifully filmed, but also very well acted by Tanja Ribič who is equally famous for her acting skills. The colour explosion of flowers by the end as the song has grown into completely new dimensions is also a very clever touch.

Tanja Ribič - Zbudi se (Slovenia 1997 preview)

Maybe Tanja would have needed a flowery explosion also on stage in Dublin - the song is lovely and the singing exquisite, but in a year with many heartfelt ballads it was hard to stand out.

Many people expected more than a tenth place for this song, but it still remains the third best showing of an entry from independent Slovenia.

Tanja Ribič - Zbudi se (Slovenia 1997)

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